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Your skill at shooting sports, hunting, and personal defense improves with proper training from a professional instructor. There are thousands of independent firearms training professionals across America and they are ready to help you learn to shoot with improved accuracy, competence and safety.

GunTrainers' mission is to connect you with qualified instructors so that you can improve your abilities as an armed Citizen. Use our easy locator to find the right instructor for you in your area.


Guntrainers respects your privacy as a student and never discloses your information to anyone. Guntrainers does not engage in political lobbying or spending and does not solicit donations. Guntrainers exists for one reason: To make it easy and private for you to find qualified instructors in your area.

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The instructors and listed on this system teach all levels of firearm proficiency, from basic familiarization to high end tactical training. Find firearms instructors by zip code with our easy search tool. Detailed listings of firearm courses will help you select an instructor or school to suit your needs.